Job Description :
Job Details:

Role: - Go/GoLang Developer
Location: - Plano, TX
Duration: - 12 + months

Job Description:

Able to enumerate key differences between Go and other widely used programming languages such as Java.
Have understanding of Go’s limited object oriented capabilities, what object oriented concepts do and do not exist in Go.
Familiar with common go-specific idioms and styles used commonly in go program code.
List out the steps to setting up a local Go development environment.
Familiar with building Go library packages and using libraries from other sources.
Ability to Demonstrate steps in acquiring a version of a third party package and take advantage of it in code.
Proven past experience in writing go-specific code used in production or some other capacity, experience with specific use of goutiness and channels is a must.
Be ready to solve a simple coding challenge using go (The Go Playground will facilitate this code challenge