Job Description :
Candidates who can relocate /travel/Fly in Fly out also will do

Required Skills:
Design, develop and maintain IMDG platform based on Gemfire
Design and develop underlying architecture to incorporate grid framework required for application and data capabilities
Experience in design, analysis and implementation of the Gemfire in-memory data grid
Experience architecting scalable and distributed solutions
Working with other IMDG solutions like Oracle Coherence, Hazlecast, terracotta etc.
Work with Infrastructure teams to translate architecture blueprints into detailed infrastructure definitions/templates that can be used to build out the
infrastructure stack using firm standard automation tools.
For Gemfire – region sizes, cache sizes, replication settings, TTL settings, etc
Work with Architecture to create architecture/infrastructure diagrams covering Load
Balancers, proxies, reverse proxies, application servers, databases, caches, queues, connectivity to trading systems (FIX protocol etc
For Load Balancers,proxies – configurations, resiliency requirements, failover capabilities, etc