Job Description :
For one of our Guidewire projects under implementation we are looking for Guidewire integration specialist who can work from our Austin office.

Position: 2 positions

ClaimCenter Integration Developer – 1
PolicyCenter Integration Developer – 1

Project Description (Mandatory)

At least 4 years of Guidewire development experience, and demonstrated direct hands-on development with a successful ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter implementation. 5+ years of development experience, strong SQL and XML skills are required. This is a senior developer position. Reference checks will be done by client and unless they can be vetted with references from previous engagements and verify their expertise, client will not interview.

Required Skills:

Integration of Guidewire PolicyCenter to Guidewire (BillingCenter, ClaimCenter), Guidewire to 3rd party apps. Examples: Policy Search & Retrieve (PC to BC), PC to BC transactions.
Ability to articulate a technical point of view specific to Guidewire applications.
Ability to present multiple options for technical Guidewire issues.
Ability to work collaboratively with existing Guidewire Integration team.

Email your resume, with full contact details, updated resume, and salary/ rate/hr , and we will get in touch with shortlisted candidates

Client : CAPB