Job Description :
We’re looking for strong, thoughtful full-stack engineers that can build extensible, robust
systems quickly with experience working in a professional engineering environment. We have
a breadth of different systems, ranging from client-facing web-apps to our highly-scalable,
fast, deep-learning pipeline. We leverage AWS, Rails, C++, Caffe, Postgres and much more to
develop and deliver our products.

Experience:? 3+ years experience building software in a professional environment. You know what it means to put software into the hands of someone else and you have the ability to deliver
Strong Architecture skills:? The language and stack may change, but high-quality code does not. You thrive on not only coding solutions that solve today’s problems, but can be scaled and extended quickly
Self-starter:? You enjoy working out problems and can translate high-level tasks and guidance into tested, readable, high-quality code
Fast Learner:? We use whatever technology fits the task, not creating tasks that fit the technology. You should be able to learn new languages/tech-stacks and apply them effectively
Team Player:? You want others to succeed just as much as you want to yourself and enjoy working in a collaborative environment; working across domains to solve complex, large-scale problems