Job Description :
6+ Years of experience developing dynamic, scalable web applications and Web Services with Python.
We are looking for someone who has proven practical experience in Developing Scalable Web Applications and Web Services and not someone with only conceptual knowledge but should have expertise in processing, visualizing high volume data and design low latency web services.

Must have expertise in:
Developing Scalable RESTful Web Services.
Developing High Volume, Low Latency Services. This is very critical requirement for this role. We are not looking for someone who has only high level knowledge of RESTful web services but who has proven practical experience in optimizations and has implemented robust design patterns for this requirement.
Web Application Security Practices, Authentication Mechanisms, Session Management
NoSQL, RDBMS and Object Relational Mapping
Deep understanding of Data Structures and ability to quickly architect technical solutions in Big Data Environment.
Proficient in Linux, Command Line, Shell Scripting, Web Server Administration and good hand installing software on Linux Platform
Proficient Deploying and maintaining applications in Cloud, Auto scaled environments.
Expert Programming skills in Python and Practical experience in enterprise web application delivery using Python is a must have for a candidate to be successful in this role.
Must be well experienced in:
Latest UI Development Technologies
Leading Web Development Frameworks
Distributed application and micro services development
Critical Application Security Measures and Practices
Proficiency in Authentication mechanisms
Configure and Deploy applications with Leading Web Servers
Caching mechanisms, Static Content Delivery Mechanisms, Performance Tuning of Web Applications and Services

Good to have:
Frontend MVC Frameworks and Libraries such as Bootstrap, JQuery etc.
Deploying applications with one or more these of these: Ansible/chef/fabric
Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Environment
Behavior Driven Development with Robot Framework, Cucumber/Gherkin etc.
Jupyter Notebook
NoSQL such as Redis, Hbase, Elastic Search