Job Description :

NOTE : Client would like front end skill set as mandatory now for these full
stack roles.

Location is San Jose, CA

Any Visa OPEN For Contract on W2 only

Screening/Interview - Coding implementation must be done for all the
following topics where "code/program implementation in interview" is
mentioned below.

Very Strong and Hands-on Implementations in following 10 Topics at a Minimum
in the following order of preference:

(1) Front End - MUST be very strong in HTML(HTML5), CSS & JS, JSP. Good at
multiple CSS & JS frameworks Angular, Bootstrap, JQuery. CSS & JS
Preprocessors like LESS, SASS, Typescript, etc - (Scenario based
code/program implementation in interview)

(2) Core Java and Advanced Java
(3) Data Structures & Algorithms - (code/program implementation in

(4) Collections Implementation - Very In depth, Cache Implementations
(5) Java Concurrency / Multithreading
(6) Transaction Management (Spring and Databases)
(7) SQL - Simple and Complex Queries - (code/program implementation in

(8) REST - Using Spring and Jersey (code/program implementation in
(9) Performance and Memory Management
(10) Authentication and Security - Web Apps and REST