Job Description :
Title C++ Developer
Duration- Full-time,
Location- Waukesha, WI

Job Description

The CT Image Reconstruction Team is looking for a highly motivated software engineer interested in being a part of a global team developing the industry-leading Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners.

Responsibilities include designing, implementing and testing of CT image reconstruction software, in collaboration with the system design team and algorithm designers, utilizing the latest high-performance computing hardware and software technologies.

A CT image reconstruction engineer will be a part of a team working on implementing a revolutionary CT image reconstruction algorithm on cutting edge computing platforms like next generation multi-core CPUs and GPUs for the next generation CT scanner using new OpenCL programming language.

1. At least 4 years of experience designing commercial software and / or systems
2. Experienced and able to demonstrate proficiency in C/C++
3. Experience with Linux OS
4. Understanding of Intel x86 architecture. Relationships with NUMA and CPU affinity
5. Experience in system level integration and ability to demonstrate troubleshooting at the system level
6. Experience with software and system performance optimization
7. Ability to contribute to and provide leadership roles in a multi-disciplinary team to meet challenging technical requirements in aggressive timeframe
8. Familiarity with GPGPU technologies. OpenCL or CUDA programing language is a plus
9. Knowledge of profiling techniques and tools is a plus
10. Optimization of Algorithm and Numerical Analysis is a plus
11. Experience in platform and application development is a plus