Job Description :
Full Stack Web Developer

Candidate must have Publishing, Media, or Advertising Tech background


Locals; F-F interview


You must know the following well:
Node.js and Express.js
Comfortable with angular, react, or vue.js
JavaScript and ES6 (Yes, we mean vanilla JS)
CSS with Stylus (or any other preprocessor)
Git (including git-flow)
Performance on the backend and frontend
Perceived performance (how a user’s perception affects performance)

We prefer people who know (but we will teach you if you don’t):
Automated Testing
Ability to optimize TTFB
The tradeoffs between server-side rendering vs client side rendering: what you
gain and lose both actual and perceived.
Understanding of how DOM rerenders occur when loading vue on the frontend
after using SSR
DFP and other ad-integration tools
Redis or other key-value storage
Have working knowledge of W3C standards for web development.
You have an eye for design. As frontline dev, you will be expected to be able to
make mockups in just a couple hours without input from a designer
You have a strong interest for frontend build tools and code deployment. We
support many applications and need people with a passion for improving our
build processes.