Job Description :
Full Stack Engineer - Automation

We''re hiring a Full Stack Engineer, Automation. This newly defined role bridges the gap between development and automated testing responsibilities. Our Automation team works closely with Dev Ops to integrate both proprietary and off the shelf testing solutions into Continuous Integration and Delivery workflows, and with development teams to architect and implement applications and automated testing strategies in a secure and highly available manner.

Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate the following:

Troubleshooting skills! The ability to diagnose test failures, unexpected behavior, network issues, etc. on both local and remote environments, including but not limited to Kubernetes pods and Travis builds.

Knowledge of modern JavaScript, including Node, ES2015+, Promise pattern, etc.

Python 3.6+

Understanding of containerization, Docker-centric development.

Knowledge of major AWS service offerings.

Unit testing chops! TDD and BDD are strongly encouraged. As test engineers, it’s a matter of pride that our code, tests and frameworks be of the best possible quality.

Experience writing automation tests with Selenium, setting up frameworks, and automating manual tasks in the deployment pipeline.

The desire to learn, collaboratively solve problems, invent new solutions, and contribute to project vision and execution.

The desire to own and maintain our own internally developed projects.

The desire and ability to support our internal customers – the developers! We are providing a service to other engineering teams to ensure their applications run smoothly, and we work with them every step of the way to achieve mutual goals.