Job Description :
Must be Green Card or Citizen or an EAD that can go perm and renew his EAD for several years

As a Full Stack Developer Senior Angular, you will be working with our software applications with the product development team. The consultant will provide systems design, development, programming, consultation, unit test and support for next-generation software services on the .NET Platform with the use of C# Core. The position will be working on projects to include Front-End, Mid-Tier and Back-End.

Required Skills

· 5 years working with Angular

· 8 years Have worked with .NET standard or well versed in differences in .NET Core / .NET Standard / .NET Framework

· C# Experience developing RESTful API's.

· Experience with modern DevOps workflows, automated build, test, deployment, IaaS, PaaS, etc.

· Experience using DevOps related tool such as CI/CD, Jenkins, Ansible, Git, TeamCity Octopus Deploy, etc.

· Focus on back-end development. (e.g., Database communication, APIs, web services, DB communication)

· Restful services

· Azure experience nice to have

· Understands Asynchronous vs. Multithreading models and has done each on purpose

· The ability to troubleshoot stored procedure performance issues would be helpful.

· 8 years total experience with C# (ideally with current version 7)

· Strong knowledge of MS SQL Server is required.

· Understanding of database design & development, indexing, and stored procedure development and design are required.

· They must have a good amount of experience working in a large Agile enterprise environment. They do not want someone who has worked in small companies. They must know the impact their work has within a large code base

· Understands Secure SDLC

o Risk Assessment

o Threat Modeling & Design Review

o Static Analysis

§ SQL Injections

§ Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

§ Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Nice to Have:

· If they have experience as an Architect designing system's, this is a very nice to have

· Familiar with the software development life cycle

· Async and Await usage plus Task Base Parallel Library understanding is nice to have.

· Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field.

· Personality Skills: Strong organizational and interpersonal skills Excellent verbal and written communication skills Solid time management. Must be able to work independently and in a team environment Enthusiasm, dependability, and strong work ethic