Job Description :
Front End DeveloperEnvironment: 14 employees total – No health insurance/benefits (they pay for their health insurance on top of their salarynbsp;Unlimited PTO Startup Feel What is this position: Advertising as Full stack Roles but backend is getting way more matured and feature complete so most of the work is Front Endnbsp;Code was written in Ruby and was not written for enterprise solutions so they reset and for the last year they have upgraded to a brand new system. New Environment: using angular 6, ngrx, material design. Backend is groovy, springboot 5. Running on GCP, k8s, appengine and cloud functions.Front End is angular 6, ngrx, material designnbsp;Backend is groovy, springboot 5. Running on GCP, k8s, appengine and cloud functionsTop Skills• Experience with Angular (would prefer 2, 4, or 6 but would take JS also)Job Description:5-6 years of experience with Angular version 2+; they are working with Angular 6 currently.Experience with CSS, HTML .Experience with web development.Excellent communication skills, both written and verbalThis position is to replace a developer that is leaving the team. The ideal candidate will be able to provide high level thought leadership and heavy development for all front end aspects of their clients projectsnbsp;Required Skills:Angular 2 or better CSSUsability Soft Skills:Excellent communication skills, both written and verbalSchedule: Pretty flexible with work schedule. Daily stand up at 9:15am that everyone has to be there for.Perks: 100% of Cobra is Paid (which is better than most benefits), Tuesdays are WFHWhat he does not like in resumes: Large Enterprise experience, is fine with it if they did it in the past, but wants those smaller/mid size start up companies