Job Description :
Position Summary:

We are looking for a skilled JavaScript engineer responsible for building complex business applications using cutting-edge web technologies, including Angular 2. As a key contributor on the team, you will be instrumental in implementing clean, compelling, and coherent user experiences for our consumer, internal operational and value chain constituents across a wide variety of enterprise applications.

Build robust, maintainable, enterprise-level web applications using a modern static front-end stack
Fully implement user interfaces using modular, componentized JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Utilize a JavaScript framework to implement performant, scalable solutions to business requirements
Perform unit testing, and write documentation
Work with UI/UX teams to translate wireframes and comps into interactive HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Provide technical guidance to members of the team as appropriate
Lead by example, acting as a role model to other team members
Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with designers, product managers, middle-tier developers and other front end developers
Collaborate with middle-tier developers on the design and implementation of RESTful APIs
Produce high-quality, properly functioning deliverables to specified deadlines
Estimate tasks with a level of granularity and accuracy commensurate with information provided
Take direction from a team lead

JavaScript patterns and best practices
JavaScript MVC Frameworks
Component-Based Web UI Architecture
CSS Preprocessors (SASS)
Engineering Principles (SRP, DRY, DI, KISS, SoC)
SPA Architecture
JavaScript unit testing (Karma)
Responsive & adaptive design
Cross-browser compatibility
Angular 2
JavaScript performance optimization (jsPerf)
Material Design/Bootstrap
Front-end E2E testing (Protractor)
Build automation