Job Description :
Mandatory Requirement.

Preferred experience: 1. UEFI debug, release validation, and code development. 2. Power management firmware development on a mobile device.

Job Description

As an embedded firmware engineer you will be responsible for creating and maintaining firmware running on embedded consumer electronics. You will have responsibilities spanning all aspects of product bring-up and test: write, debug, and integrate new device drivers, protocols, and other firmware code across embedded product line. Interacting with Hardware, OS, Test, Operations and various other cross-functional teams. Review board schematics and data sheets. Utilize oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and other test equipment to troubleshoot hardware/software issues. Enable test strategies for new components in upcoming products. Support product development builds locally and remotely.


> BS, MS or PhD in EE required and/or 10-15 years of relevant experience.
> Hands-on experience in design, development and launch of high-volume
consumer electronic product is a must.
> Strong knowledge of Operating Systems principle.
> Demonstrable programming skills in C and C++.
> Experience and understanding of firmware design tools (IAR is a plus)
and languages. ?Understanding of basic testing, coding, and debugging procedures.
> Experience with of standard protocols such as USB, I2C, MIPI,
and/or wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other
> Strong problem solving and debugging skills for multi-processor systems
with I2C/SPI, USB and other interconnect bus.
> Demonstrated ownership of multiple sub-systems and/or a complete simple
product (Simple = Mouse or iPod shuffle) and/or experience launching
multiple moderately complex to complex consumer electronic products:
Moderately Complex = Smart TV/DVD, Complex = smart phone/Xbox.