Job Description :
Financial System Business Analyst Food and Farm Operations.
Location: Alanta, GA
Duration: 12 Months

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) is seeking a Business Analyst to analyze the farming, food production, meal planning and food distribution activities for Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI GCI is responsible for managing multiple farms that raise livestock, row crops, and vegetables to provide meals for the inmate population and sales which further support the farming operation. Additionally, GCI is responsible for the food service functions including menu planning, order placement and delivery, and inventory tracking. The successful candidate will analyze and thoroughly document current practices, management information requirements and assist in developing requirements for a new software solution to manage these operations. Once requirements are developed and a new system is procured this position will assist in the design and implementation of the new system.
Position Requirements:
Strong communication skills and the ability to demonstrate experience in documenting process flows, and developing requirements documentation for:
Farming operations including livestock, forage and feed, row crop, and vegetable production.
Food production activities related to dairy, egg, canning, meat processing and grist mill operations.
dining operations including menu planning, inventory tracking, food ordering and delivery tracking and dining room sales analysis.
Facilitate well organized team meetings composed of individuals from front line operations to executive management with the purpose of understanding business activities, business opportunities and constraints, and data requirements necessary for management decision making.
Thorough documentation of current and future state processes and informational needs. Developing and documenting system specifications to support the procurement of new software. Providing written and verbal status reports and preparing and presenting formal presentations to management.
Traveling throughout the State and working with team members to observe and document their work activities and document process flows in a variety of outdoor, warehouse and production environments.
Position Qualifications:
Verbal communication skills. The ability to demonstrate successful experience working with non-technical end users while developing process flow and other technical documents.
The ability to work independently and with diverse teams to meet deadlines and maintain the project schedule.
Bachelor’s Degree in business or other related area.
Minimum of three years’ experience reviewing and documenting business process and identifying data elements required for proper financial and management control.
Demonstrated problem solving skills and the ability to prioritize tasks in order to achieve project goals within established timeframes.
Strong computer skills including Excel, Access, Word, Power Point and financial software packages as needed.

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Client : State of Georgia