Job Description :
Filenet product architecture and how its various components (CPE, CSS, ACCE, ICN etc work
Filenet Administration experience – configuring object stores, document classes, property types, security/permissions etc. in ACCE
Filenet Development & Integration experience – via Ingestion, Metadata, Batch APIs etc. (Filenet will act as backend repository)
Any past experience of migration in/out of Filenet platform (ETL concepts/process involved during migration should be clear)
Java/J2EE basic concepts should be clear, not reluctant to do basic learning & understanding of new platforms like Mobius, Content Manager from migration perspective

Hands On:

IBM DataCap or any other OCR product (concepts/process should be clear)
Content Intelligence / taxonomy concepts
Filenet deployments on WAS or Weblogic (rolling out upgrades and patches)
Linux/Windows OS, ability to do basic shell scripting / commands execution on Linux
IBM Enterprise Records or any other records management (concepts/process should be clear)