Job Description :
Job Title : Databases
Primary Skill : Oracle
Role : Developer
Job Location : Boston
Experience: 7+ years
Visa Status: GC OR CITIZEN

Experienced Fidessa Developer

Successful candidate must have knowledge of Fidessa components: TOP, XPFIX, CTAC, FDA.
Successful candidate will be:
Skilled with Fidessa''s Expression valuator configuration language
familiar with Fidessa internal Real-time Database (RTD)
Fidessa constructs such as Reliable Data Streams (RDS)
Extensible Transaction Handler (ETH)
Request/Reply Service (RRS)
Daq Server Query service (DS Query)
Experience with the Fidessa GUI a plus.
Candidate should have experience in at least one of the following programming languages: C/C++, Java, TCL
Strong communications skills are required.
Familiarity with the FIX Protocol is a plus.

Shahil Gupta
Technical Recruiter
Softek sources LLC