Job Description :
Job Title: Exstream Developer
Location: Bloomington, IL
Duration: Long Term
No of positions: # 2

Required Skills :
Exstream Developer (also known as an Exstream Dialogue Developer) primarily uses the Exstream Design Manager product to build an HP Exstream Application.

Note - We are not looking for someone who has heard about Exstream, but has, or is currently, using these needed skills on a regular basis.
Creating search keys on the application consisting of reused library keys
Creating variables and mapping them to data files
The majority of work consists of structured data files used as Driver files, with variables within the Driver files use as keys within reference files.
Some reference files are now being received as XML data files
Provide data file properties to match the system and assign mapping datasets
Provide variable properties to configure data type and output format
Use copybook and/or layout data properties to map the data
Add new pages/messages to new documents to the new application
Provides overflow pages which meet overall document needs
Assist Designer in frame and table creation
Provide medium complexity triggering logic per requirements
Assigns variables in such a way so shared objects and functions can be used
Package, test and debug the application
In the near future we will also need Dynamic Content Import of externally created messages

Would like someone which:
Have excellent communications skills
Have the ability to elevate team members with lessor knowledge
Produce both verbal and documented guidance on Exstream strategies for all Exstream Development.
Provide best practices from Industry knowledge
Provide job aides and on boarding documentation which can be used for any additional Exstream Developers
Provide guidance on integration with Message point from Exstream