Job Description :
Enterprise Architect for State of Oregan
Location: Salem, OR
Duration: 9+ Months
REQ ID: 10268-18

Skill Set Requirement: Enterprise Architect (See ATA, Exhibit D for Skill Set Descriptions)
OIS requires an experienced Enterprise Architect with expertise in analyzing existing data architectures and developing modern rationalized data models, optimizing interactions with and within the database (SQL, stored procedures, ETL, etc, in accordance with business, data security and regulatory requirements to fulfill OIS twelve-month plan items that may include enterprise data catalog activities, enterprise data dictionary activities, and modernization vision and technology standards creation.
Contractor''s Key Person will also work various program area development and business teams and the Enterprise Information Architect to develop a strategic roadmap to execute data modernization efforts.
Contractor''s Key Person under this WOC shall:
Audit existing data systems; models, queries, data quality, security, etc. and provide recommendations and a suggested roadmap for modernization.
Provide data architecture training to development staff regarding the following topics; data modeling, data quality, data governance, database change management, standards development, data auditing and data governance
Develop recommended data modeling standards for consideration; best practices
Develop recommended table and column naming conventions/standards; best practices
Develop recommended datatype standards; based on existing datatype standards where available and appropriate; address standards published by the United States Postal Service as an example; best practices
Develop data security and access models
Develop data security classifications process for classifying data based on the State of Oregon data classification guidelines
Develop database administration standards and processes, including change control, to inform our Agency''s SDLC process, and train staff in the application and use of these standards and processes; data model-driven change implementation processes for example.
Develop a data (or database) change request process with the developer and Data Resource Management teams
Develop a data catalog for the data systems audited using the agency’s data catalog template
Proposers: submit resumes and professional references. The resumes should clearly show experience with work similar to the tasks listed above, the reflecting candidate''s ability to work on the tasks described above.

Note there is a maximum of 1040 hours.
The Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of April 2019, but additional days were added to provide flexibility. The work may extend beyond April as long as it doesn''t exceed 1040 hours or the end date defined on the executed WOC.
Work to be conducted on site in Salem Oregon.
Proposed key person interviews may be conducted via Skype.

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Client : state of Oregan