Job Description :

Please go through the requirement and let me know if you are interested.

Role: Engagement/Delivery Lead/Head (Functional Role)
Location: MI, GA, TX or CA (LA) but open to other locations
Duration: Fulltime
Experience : 10+yrs
Interview Mode: Telephonic/Skype

Job Description

Must have experience in successfully delivering large, complex, multinational engagements that are of strategic importance to clients. In many cases, these engagements will involve radical changes to the way the client does business and/or new technology. Successful delivery includes ensuring contract commitments are met, with at least the profit margin targeted when the contract was signed, and with a high level of client satisfaction. You oversee the execution of engagement operations and proactively manage the relationship with the client(s)/client representatives and work closely with others to plan the overall client relationship strategy. You also ensure that continuous improvements are put in place, concentrating on cost reduction and service improvement to help ensure the continuity of our contracts and new business. This role will work with the highest levels of the client leadership team.
Applicants must possess all the key traits of engagement management which includes
Results oriented – “Takes the engagement across the finish line”
Able to lead teams to the results required
Able to form relationships with clients and team members
In addition to these critical traits, these additional characteristics are key to day to day operations.
1. Practical and realistic in approach
2. In situations requiring negotiations can convince others even when others are not open to an alternative view, and knows when to compromise or accept a decision
3. Ambitious, seeks challenges
4. Balances information needs with the ability to make good decisions in a timely manner
5. Take charge attitude with a sense of urgency
6. Willing to take well considered risks and not overly risk adverse
7. Team player, coach and delegates responsibilities
Minimum required qualification: Bachelor''s Degree

Required competencies:
Project Management
Designs and plans budget, scope, schedule, resources, quality, and measures to avoid risks and to increase benefits; takes clear responsibility.
Closes the loop of the planning, execution and readjustment to the successful completion of the project; anticipates obstacles and overcomes these.
Drives the efficiency, excellence, and profitability of the engagement.
Communicates planning and status in a short, concise and unambiguous way; mobilizes the team and provides strategic direction.
Detects risks and issues early and drives effective measures to remedy these.
Successfully manages scope and scope creep.
Follows clientspolicies, methods, and procedures outlined by the clients quality management system.

Financial Management and reporting
Manages project finances and KPIs of contract.
Initiates proactive measures to manage and improve the project profit margin.
Reports on time, concise, clearly and effectively, both internally and to the customer.

Works as part of a team or leads a team to negotiate new deals, extensions and ad-hoc requests.
Should have experience selling and managing deals /portfolio worth 10-20+mn in annual spend/revenue
Anticipates the negotiation tactics of the client and deploys appropriate tactics.
Settles small and large/complex problems and in doing so, strengthens the relationship with the client.
Demonstrates understanding of legal and service implications involved in the drafting and reviewing of contracts, schedules and service level agreements.

Vendor Management
Builds a relationship with our suppliers and service providers that will strengtheoth businesses.
Ensures compliance by third parties to meet contractually agreed deliverables, to the right quality levels