Job Description :
Title: Embedded Software Engineer (2nd round Face to face,Client willreimburse the Expenses once he clears the round)

Duration: 18 Months

Location: Wilton,CT

Interview Process:

1)P hone interview

2)Face to face (Client will reimburse the Expenses once he clears the round)


3-15 years of embedded application programming with C OR C++
Experience with an RTOS system (VxWorks or QNX)
Experience with Clearcase and Clearquest
Experience with Unix/Linux OS
employment history longer than 12 months at each contract.
multithreading with C or C++ applications
Excellent Communication skills-no hesitation when answering and can speak well
Has worked on the application layer, system layer or device driver layer
. Experience in the semiconductor, telecommunications, medical device or robotics industry.
% or GPA 3.5 or higher.
Companies to Recruit out of: Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Motorola, Verizon, GE, Bose, Intel, Samsung, John Deere, Caterpillar, startup companies, etc.

Job Description-Embedded Software Engineer

Job Mission

The Development & Engineering Department in ASML Wilton office is currently searching for a talented software engineer to design and implement embedded software for systems among the highest precision ever produced in the world.

Job Description

The individual will be responsible for key modules of the production software throughout the development cycle, ranging from specifying functional requirements by working with multi-disciplinary teams, providing detailed design specifications, outlining testing effort, to implementing the software and executing the testing steps to qualify the product, etc. The engineer will work closely with the team leader, the project management and other developers to create robust software that offers advanced architecture and fulfills the business needs.

BS or higher in Computer Science or related technical discipline

Minimum 3-15 years C/C++ programming experiences, with an emphasis on embedded system programming
Experience using VxWorks
Minimum 3-15 years Unix programming experiences, preferably on Solaris or Linux;
Experience in Python Scripting
Experience using Clearcase
Personal skills
Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills; Excellent communication skills; A passion for programming and software engineering; Experience or proven ability in computational algorithms; Experience or proven ability in technical specifications; Experience or proven ability in designing complex software architecture
(If you are interested in Receiving requirements/Visa transfer/Employer change with your existing Ongoing Project. is the right choice for you. )