Job Description :
Embedded development platforms: embedded OS/RTOS, Linux, Windows
Embedded development programming in: C, C++, python, scripting, java
Wireless and wired connectivity technologies: Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, ZigBee, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID etc.
Network Protocols ? TCP/IP, HTTP, MQTT, REST API etc.
Experienced in embedded target up and running, e.g. Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc Low level programming: HW interface on MCU / Embedded Linux, Interfacing Sensors, Actuators, PLC using peripherals such as UART, A/Ds, PWMs, USB, timers, SPI, I2C etc
Real time programming on embedded hardware, debugger, and profiler
Device Provisioning, Security and Manageability Protocols, Implementation
Familiarity with industrial protocols: Modbus, SCADA/HMI, HART, CAN, DeviceNet etc.
Familiarity with Cloud Platforms, PaaS, SaaS, API, UX, collaborate and integrate with UI, mobile apps, cloud services, virtualization, Dockers.
Understanding of Object Oriented Design and Programming concepts.