Job Description :
Data Warehouse Tester
Fremont, CA
W2 candidates will be considered at this time

1) Data Warehouse Testing using Informatica DVO software
a. They should understand DW star schema and have experience as DW Testers;
b. Development of DQ artifacts like Test Plan, Test Case, Test Script, and Test results is desired;
2) INFA PowerCenter – they must be able to run INFA workflows in a QA environment
a. Plus they must be able to interpret INFA mappings and sessions;
b. They must be familiar with INFA Workflow log files.
3) UNIX – they must be able to copy, move, and edit(view) large files;
a. Putty and IPSwitch are used here ;
4) SQL / Oracle - Ability to understand and create SQL statements and scripts a. We use TOAD as our interface to Oracle;

Client : Wells Fargo