Job Description :
e need an ETL developer proficient in SQL Server; writing queries,
views, stored procedures, etc… Experience with other relational
databases/query languages like Oracle, Pervasive, PostgreSQL, MySQL,
etc is a plus, but the primary requirement is SQL Server. Must be
proficient with SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and even though
this position will not be an SSIS developer, they should have a
working knowledge of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services

The primary role of this person will be “Data Mining”. In some cases
there will be artifacts to assist like Entity Relationship Diagrams,
Data Dictionaries, Tracing, etc…, but this person will need the
ability to interrogate a customer/vendor database structure and make
intuitive decisions about where to pull source data. This person will
need to document the data mapping using source-to-target mapping
templates as well as writing the SQL queries to extract, transform and
load the data into the target.

Very Important: this person must have experience in and a good
understanding of the Healthcare business in the US and have worked
with Healthcare applications and databases in the past.