Job Description :
EDEV PLC Software Designer

San Diego, CA


As a PLC Software designer, you are defining, realizing and maintaining software for Siemens PLC's to guaranty a machine wide Safety handling infrastructure, by implementing human safety and machine damage functions for existing and new products.,

The PLC Software designer is responsible for the following:

* Team member in an Electronic Development team, contributing to multidisciplinary project deliverables

* Define, document and maintain specifications of software components for SIEMENS PLC's.

* Design and simulate the various safety and machine damage functions in the PLC software

* Perform trade-off studies to determine the preferred implementation scenario for new or changed functions. Get agreement with stakeholders.

* Solve problems during first system integration.

* Transfer knowledge to production- and service-engineers.

* Contribute to analysis and solution of reliability issues., The sector Development & Engineering (D&E) of ASML is responsible for the specification, design, and realization of the products in the ASML portfolio. Within the sector D&E, the department Electronic Development (EDEV) is responsible for the definition, realization, and qualification of electronic functions and modules of these products. Within EDEV the group Mains & Safety Infrastructure is responsible for the study, definition, realization and qualification of the mains power distribution, electrical- and machine safety of the complete products.