Job Description :
Software Architecture
Requirements-gathering and analysis
Implementation planning and technical documentation with individual project teams: tools, approach, resource allocation, and implementation planning
Assessing technical risk and preparing mitigation plans as necessary
Revising approach and implementation plans as circumstances require
Software Development
Drupal site-building, custom module development and/or theming for new projects
Larger new-feature additions to existing Drupal client projects

Valued skills and attributes:
A healthy respect for and knowledge of the Drupal API and standard development practices
Ability to write consistent, standards-compliant HTML and CSS
Ability to create efficient and maintainable interactive features
Ability to consider edge cases and thoroughly test your own code
An earnest belief in writing good code for the sake of writing good code
Ability (and eagerness) to learn new skills on the job
Comfort working on the command line, especially in Mac and Linux environments
Familiarity and experience with Git in a team environment
Attention to detail and production schedules
Ability to contribute positively in a team environment
Ability to maintain a busy work schedule in a collaborative work environment