Job Description :
Direct End Client: State of New York
Job Title: Drupal Developer
Duration: 18 months
Start Date: 12/31/18
Type: Full Time
Location: Albany NY
Position Type: Contract
Interview Type: Webcam or In Person or Telephonic
Requirement ID: SNY_DRUPL882_MS

Required Skills: (5 years)
60 months of experience exclusively in Drupal 6/7 administering a distributed content authoring system.
60 months of experience in Drupal 6/7 managing multiple approval workflows.
60 months experience in troubleshooting, styles, layouts, and content.
36 months experience in troubleshooting site search and search performance issues.
24 months experience working on a website for a government agency.
24 months experience applying Google Analytics monitoring tools to Drupal websites
24 months Using website monitoring tools, such as New Relic, to identify site performance issues and improvement opportunities.

Project : NYS DMV Web Services Office

Department: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) (This is DMV Funded)

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses Drupal 7 CMS for its Intranet (internal site) and (public) Internet site ( The DMV requires the assistance of one qualified Drupal Website Administrator consultant.

The website has many dynamic features and includes many customized features and functionality including:

1.A customized site search using SOLR
2.A customized navigation menu divided into content for individual customers and organization (business) customers
3.A customized DMV office locator tool
4.A customized forms search tool
5.A customized locator tool to find participating organizations where a customer can get a DMV eye test before renewing their license
6.A customized tool to display regulated driving training course providers
7.Integration (via application program interface (API with a third party email/text notification service provider
8.Webforms (in the Webform4 module)
9.Driver’s manual test practice quizzes (using Quiz module)
10.Image sliders
11.Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representation State Transfer (REST) APIs to integrate with State and external information systems
12.Collapsible sidebar menus
The consultant will work with DMV’s Web Services Office staff, staff from the New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) and an outside support vendor, on maintaining and improving the Intranet and Internet sites in Drupal and, in the process, enhance the Drupal skill set of the Web Services Office staff.

DMV is committed to ensuring the website adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA guidelines. The consultant will participate in this effort. Also, during the engagement, DMV expects to move the public website from Drupal 7 to a new shared distribution platform in Drupal 8 being developed by New York State ITS. Moving to the new platform will entail extensive customization and developing functionalities that are currently available on the DMV website but are not on the new State platform.

In consultation with DMV staff and outside accessibility testers, remediate any identified issues with website accessibility per WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines.
Complete front end Drupal tasks for the Internet and Intranet project including:
Content types
Organic Groups
Caching/improving site performance
Install and configure new modules
Install and configure security and other system updates
Perform data and system analysis on site search
Perform data and system analysis of the website performance.
Help DMV identify and execute solutions that expand and/or improve DMV''s intranet and internet services.
Work with DMV Business Unit content contributors to transfer their content to Drupal and assist in training them.
Participate in meetings/discussions with the DMV Staff, ITS and the agencies vendors that help support the website.


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