Job Description :
Title : .NET - Point of Sale (POS) Execution Development
Duration : 3-6 Months
Location : 5130 Hacienda Dr, Dublin, CA 94568



Position will develop and support software automation to deploy, monitor and support a complex Point of Sale (POS) system for a major US retail chain with responsibility for the following activities:
Design, development, and implementation of automated processes, tools and applications to support large-scale deployments and ongoing support and management of the system.
Development and maintenance of code (C, scripts (PowerShell), and other mechanisms (Group Policies, Active Directory, etc to package and deploy new and updated applications, services, tools and configurations to retail devices.
Creation and modification of base images (WIMs) for use on Store Servers and Registers.
Development and maintenance of scripts to audit and manage device and operating system configurations.
Development and maintenance of monitoring tools to assess health and operation of the system.
Diagnosis and solution of environment related issues (network, hardware, permissions, cert