Job Description :
-6 month contract with HIGH likelihood to extend. They have a large project roadmap that this candidate/team will move into once this project is completed.
-This team is highly agile working in a typical CI/CD pipeline. They do not work with a testing team, so these candidates need to think of testing as they develop.
-They’re looking for candidates that are less Microsoft types and more open source, open technologies in their work experience.
-They don’t all have to have enterprise level experience- people from startup companies are appreciated for their quick, out of the box thinking.

Technical / Experience Requirements:
- It should be noted that all the roles, has extensive experience using modern CI/CD pipelines and some experience container orchestration such as Kubernetes, and Docker Swarm.
-Polygot Development Organization * Python * Javascript * .NET core * GoLang * Elixir / ERLang
– MongoDB experience (understands SCIM to some extent)
– To provide the user and profile identity stores
– Understands multiple protocols (such as SAML, OAuth, HTTP/s)
– Know APIs, especially REST APIs, inside and out
– Understands Docker (containerization)
– Knowledge around development languages (Javascript, Go, Elixir, and Python)
– Focus on SLAs and metrics around the data itself – data flow, latency, semantics, fidelity
– Know what types of data to use, how to use it, and how not to be killed by the scale and speed
– Know how to correctly structure APIs, set break into correct models meaningful to consumers and Service teams
– Testing and Documentation (Swagger, postman)