Job Description :
Successful candidates will likely have at least 2 years of experience in a professional capacity and a Computer Science or Information Systems related Bachelor’s Degree.
2+ years utilizing software configuration management systems including use of branch and merge activities (prefer Subversion)
2+ years of web-service related development for both client- and server- code including the following activities:
- XML and JSON web service provider implementation (prefer Java EE 6 or later)
- XML and JSON web service consumer implementation (prefer Java SE 7 or later)
- XML Document XPath based data extraction
- XML Schema construction
- TLS based connection establishment with application-specific trust-store and key-store data
- Multi-Threaded process implementation and debugging
- Continuous Integration implementation including comprehensive regression test and validation processes of XML and JSON web-services
2+ years of fundamental network analysis encompassing OSI layers 4 “Transport”, 5 “Session”, 6 “Presentation” and 7 “Application”
- Special focus on TCP/IP and UDP/IP based protocols
- Network packet capture and analysis
- SSL/TLS protocol capture and analysis
- Public Key based encryption, certificate and key management