Job Description :

Job Title : .Net Developer
Location : San Mateo, CA
Duration : Long Term
Mode Interview : Telephone and Face to Face
Description :

.NET Developers (two)

Qualifications/Knowledge of:
ASP.NET 3.5/4.x C# Development experience using MS Visual Studio 2010 or new
(9 years +)
Good knowledge of standard Windows ASP.NET components and ability to implement third-party controls when needed.
A plus if experience with Telerik controls and NHibernate
Experience in Javascript, JQuery, and CSS / HTML (5 years +)
Experience with Oracle 11g (or newer) Databases (5+ years), plus if also experience with MS SQL Server 2008 (or newer) and MySQL
Ability to write functions, packages, store procedures in PL/SQL
Ability to design a database from scratch
A plus if able to performance tune queries
Experience with building and embedding business intelligence reports in custom applications.
A plus if experience with embedding Crystal Report into .Net applications
A plus if experience with embedding Information Builders Webfocus reports into .Net applications
Experienced in all phases of the application development life cycle ranging from requirements gathering, application design, development, testing, deployment, to end user support.
Demonstrated ability to document code as well as ability to deliver clear user documentation and thorough technical support-based documentation.
Experienced with IFMIS Budget Monitoring and Budget Development systems is highly desirable.
Good knowledge of Object Oriented Design and Analysis concepts.
Good communication skills.
Ability to solicit requirements and interface with users directly.
Ability to work independently as well as in team environment.
Experience with using wireframe and/or storyboard to solicit and validate requirements
Excellent problem solving skills

Provide a reporting facility that allows user to run month-over-month report on revenue or expense over time. For example, Overtime expense as across month and across years; GA aid payments, or CalWORKs payments, etc.
Provide built-in graphing options, so that user can get information both as a data table and as a graphic representation of the data.
Adding Trust Fund Orgs to OFAS data extract so that we can see and report out on trust fund transactions.
Develop a Contracts tool that will allow user to tract contract end-date, budget, and expenditures and supports the following features:
Produce standardized contract reports, with Graphing options for reports
Establish a foundation for Integration with REXp. REXp is a tool for Fiscal to reconcile claims and receipts, as well as show current and prior funds flows. The integration has always been a future endeavor with REXp. The idea is to merge Org/Account OFAS queries to Receipts (AA190''s) and associated programs.
IFMIS Budget Monitoring B-Level Year End Financial – Enhance the existing IFMIS Budget Monitor tool.
IFMIS Budget Monitoring P-Level Year End Financial – Enhance the existing IFMIS Budget Monitor tool.
Pay period by pay period Overtime and Extra Help reports - These would be great to have at the staff, supervisor, manager, director, and agency level. Also by Org, P level and B level budget units.
Vacancy Report – Generate two new reports
Position Control Report Enhancement – Enhance the existing Position Control Report to show Budgeted FTE/Actual FTE at P-level and Agency Level.