Job Description :
New position 05/02 - SOH_ND_362

Job Title: .Net Developer
Location: Columbus, OH
Duration: 2 Months
Position Type: Contract
Interview Type: In-Person

Job Description:
The Programmer is responsible for analysis, design, coding, component and assembly testing. The focus will be on participating as a member of a development team charged with development of the Plant Health Inspection Forms System (PHIFS

The development of PHIFS will be the primary focus. The legacy system is composed of MS Excel Workbooks for each inspection type form. The data tier will be developed and component tested in a SQL database environment containing tables, complex stored procedures and views. The Programmer should have proficiency with SQL and development tool interfaces (SQL Server Manager, SQL Studio Enterprise Manager Plant Health employees manage regulatory inspection functions via MS Excel workbooks. The agency is shifting the development platform from an MS Excel Workbooks design to Win-Forms/Web-Forms utilizing C# language as the code behind while implementing a 3-Tier methodology. The rewrite of the Plant Health Inspection Forms System (PHIFS) is the primary responsibility.

Required Skills:
Visual Studio 2017 (Win-Forms, Web-Forms, Solution/Projects) Required 4
T-SQL (Stored Procedures/Views) Required 4
C# Required 4
Object Oriented Programming Experience Desired 2
ADO.Net Required 3
MS-SQL Server/Express Required 4
Telerik (WinForms/WebForms/Reporting) Required 2
MicroSoft Sync/SQL Replication Required 3
4 Year Degree or Equivalent Desired 4
MS-SQL Server Tools Required 4
Boot Strap Required 2
JQuery.js Required 2
Popper.js Nice to Have 1
Identity Desired 1
3-Tier Development Required 2