Job Description :
.Net FullStack Developer
Redmond, WA
18 Months contract

Full-stack developer who is able to design and implement whole solution from scratch.
Languages (in order of importance)
· JavaScript and TypeScript 2.1+
o Client side is 100% TypeScript
o We use almost every feature of the latest JavaScript/TypeScript
o Understanding of modules (es6)
· .NET 4.5+
o Understanding of async/await, synchronization primitives
o We mostly use ORM but we have a few SPs, functions and views

Front-end (in order of importance)
· Angular 2+ and RxJs
o ng-bootstrap is a plus
o AOT compilation is a plus
· AngularJs
o angular-ui-router is a plus
o angular-bootstrap is a plus
· Bootstrap (both 3.x and 4.x)
· AgGrid is a plus
· Lodash is a plus

Back-end (in order of importance)
· ASP.NET Core
· Entity Framework
o Code First
o Migrations
o Optimistic concurrency

Other (in order of importance)
· Git
· Webpack is a plus
· Gulp is a plus