Job Description :
nalyze 3PL data related to business processes (receipts, shipments, returns, stock levels) to ensure set standards are being met such as 3PL KPI’s and to predict future outcomes and needs. Data mining from multiple sources such as SAP, 3PL provided reports and Supplier web portals. Data will need to be presented to Commercial Operations management in concise and relevant format. Analytical outcomes will also need to be provided to 3PL partners as needed.

Assist with investigation of deficiencies, non-conformant actions and errors as assigned by manager. This will require a complete understanding of 3PL operations, procedures and work instructions gained through reviewing 3PL SOP and Work Instructions and in-person involvement with the 3PL operations. Understanding of SAP and 3PL operating system that will enable Distribution Clerk to quickly recognize situations that will not meet standards or have missed desired standards and to propose action to ensure standards are met. Propose modifications to procedures, instructions and/or standards as needed to ensure best in class operation.

Monitor and report on 3PL expenses. Track expenses to ensure conformity to budget. Identify and report on budget to actual expense lines.

Measures 3PL performance (budget and execution) against agreed contract terms

Skills:• Ability to address contract performance issues with third party logistics providers
Ability to understand customer issues and respond in a timely manner
Ability to understand crediting/debiting with customer orders
Ability to understand decisions around product replacement
Foresight into industry practices and ability to see and seek out opportunities to improve the safe and quality distribution of product
Understand changing nature of logistics environment relative to industry practices, regional and global economics and influences
Strong analytical and problem-solving skill
Proficient in SAP sales order management processes
Ability to lead and be decisive
Strong customer facing communication skills

Bachelor of Science degree, with emphasis in Business Logistics and/or Supply Chain Management or related field.
Associate degree with prior experience is acceptable.
3 years experience in pharmaceutical industry or 3PL experience in distribution and logistics operations or related experience in supply chain management.
Experience with Microsoft Office.