Job Description :
Job Title: Front-end Developer (SEO)
Location: San Francisco, CA / Pittsburgh, PA
Duration: 6+months

We are looking for engineers with strong CS fundamentals, not just developers who can create sites on Squarespace/Wordpress.
Product engineering focused.
Build a self-service tool for SEO professionals to optimize SEO metadata at scale for all web properties. Build a linking service to automatically link relevant pages together, for all web properties, in an SEO optimized fashion.
Improve CMS capability to enable various types of optimization effort on web pages.Improve the TTFB and DOM Content Loaded speed on Uber webpages.
We are looking for a minimum of 2 years relevant experience with one or more of the following languages: React, Node, Go, Angular, Javascript.
Passion for Content or Search Engine Optimization required. Must be flexible about work environments and be passionate about learning new technologies.
Expertise with Go, Node, Javascript, REST, Service Oriented Architecture, Python. SEO expertise preferred but not required.