Job Description :
Title: Digital User Experience (UX) Lead

Location: Atlanta, GA

Rate: 50-60

Duration: 16 months

Experience: 6-8 yrs

Description: Must Have- 5+ years of professional experience with the title of “interaction designer” or similar. - Fluency in conducting brainstorming & ideation sessions - Experience working on Web Applications, ecommerce, Portal designs and Mobile Apps- Stronghold on interface & interaction design, visual design & service design concepts & design processes - Efficiency in prototyping the design ideas (by utilizing a variety of prototyping tools/ software’s) - Creating & maintaining screen wireframes, process flows, site maps, navigation systems, screen prototypes & conceptual models to clarify & refine new product solutions - Proficient with a prototyping tool such as Axure - Producing & maintaining highly accurate UI specification documents required to implement the design - Responsive Design Methodologies & Rapid Prototyping skills required- Uses information about user goals and behavior to design processes and functions that help users interact with the system and achieve their goals. Responsible for identifying those key interactions and wire framing and prototyping them Focused on creating consistent and predictable interface layouts. Responsible for contributing to the wireframes, prototypes, and navigational elements Focuses on the aesthetics of a user interface and any related materials by strategically implementing typography, images, and colors Focused on evaluating the quality of a users experience when interacting with a product or system. Tests, analyzes and reports results, and makes recommendations to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of the user Reviews requirements and audits products for Accessibility compliance Demonstrating consistent performance in creating good experiences throughout the user’s journey across various digital channels and creating client value - Ability to generate ideas/ concepts on the fly is critical for the jobAbility in understanding RWD approachGood to Have:- Thorough understanding of UI guidelines of various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc- A formal education in design, HCI, Information Architecture or other UX related field- Exposure to Usability testing approach and overview on testing tools, like MoreExposure in building HTML pages and Support on CSS