Job Description :
About this Position:
The purpose of the “Engineer, Dev Ops” position is to . . .
Support and maintain the enterprise application server system environments
Control the migration of Liferay application components and configurations from non-production environments into production environments
Manage the production environments
Provide mid-tier administration for Portal Services team
Monitor production processes
Process automation
Demonstrate technical knowledge and support of application development practices as relates to Liferay – DevOps responsibilities

Position Outcomes & Activities:
Work with the Portal Services team to implement the defined requirements of new systems development
Responsible for software build, integration and deployment activities on various environment, and be able to troubleshoot and identify root causes
Ability to guide Portal Services team with DevOps best practices, including improved scalability, performance, reliability, and speed to market
Interface with other teams to convey infrastructure requirements, plan, schedule deployment tasks, and resolve any issues that impact the deployment of Liferay application delivery systems
Experience with build/deployment, software configuration/ continuous integration/continuous delivery/ release engineering process
Experience with Linux/Windows systems administration, both physical and virtual systems
Develop and support Portal Services team for deployments and automation processes
Participate in 24/7 on-call rotation
Effectively work with Oracle, Liferay and other third party vendors’ support organizations to support Portal Services mid-tier infrastructure
Implement and adhere to defined standards, procedures and methodologies for effective operation, access control, and recovery of all Portal Services Liferay systems
Implement and modify Liferay configurations; test mid-tier management systems, utilities and tools
Provide all DevOps support related for Liferay application server-related issues in Portal Services Team
Ensure Liferay security adheres to defined standards and industry best practices
Develop and maintain documentation and procedural standards relating to Portal Services - mid-tier projects
Ensure the integrity of Liferay backup and restore procedures and maintain related documentation
Participate in disaster recovery planning, testing and execution as needed
Perform implementation and upgrade of large-scale system and Liferay application software packages
Evaluate project objectives and scope for feasibility.
Execute regular capacity planning related to business growth and system utilization, trend analysis and predicting future application resource requirements
All other duties as assigned
Attendance as required by department

Basic Position Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree –OR–thorough background in IT concepts
5 years of experience with application server technologies (Liferay, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, Glassfish, Oracle Application Server)
Extensive experience with DevOps, release management and delivery of software to production with high quality.
Experience in performance testing/ tuning/ monitoring, maximizing system uptime and availability, ensuring functional and performance SLAs
Installing, configuring, administering, and tuning of JavaEE application servers, and WebServers
Automation experience with build/deployment, software configuration/continuous integration/continuous delivery/release engineering related tasks in a Java/C++ environment.
3 years of experience with Liferay system administration
Strong desire to learn
Experience with Liferay performance tuning, clustering, production troubleshooting
Basic knowledge of scripting languages such as Bash or Python
Remain compliant with our policies, processes and legal guidelines
Work onsite

Experience with monitoring application/infrastructure performance, and availability
Strong automation, problem-solving skills, and ability to follow through to completion
Liferay trained system administrator
Basic knowledge of Liferay development concepts and practices