Job Description :
Devops Engineer
Location: Troy, MI
Duration: Full Time

Job Description:

Provide end-to-end DevOps solution by employing the most appropriate tools for CI/CD set up, continuous feedback, continuous monitoring, continuous planning, and continuous testing.

Primary Responsibilities:

§ Consult to provide roadmap from traditional waterfall to Agile/DevOps adoption; Set up, configure and orchestrate end-to-end CI/CD pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services for Continuous Planning, Continuous integration and Continuous Testing.

§ Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring; for configuration management and deployments on Windows operating systems, and manage the networking fundamentals;

§ Take part in automation of existing deployment process. Make recommendations to DBA, infrastructure and development team regarding process improvements for product stability and performance

§ Look to use industry standard tools for automation including those provided in Microsoft Azure for managing Hybrid deployments across 3rd party datacenters and MS Azure

§ Should be able to automate the deployment and configuration management on Cloud platforms (AWS / Azure / Google) or on-premise based on “Infrastructure as a Code” principles; Should be able to implement solutions using modern virtualization techniques and container management solutions such as Docker / Kubernetes.

§ Manage assigned tasks, timelines, and communication with customer and manager.

§ Understand all the tasks required for an enterprise level continuous integration and deployment strategy including a complete understanding of how team foundation works and additional tasks that may be required for the deployment process, that includes by is not limited to Web applications, Mobile framework Applications, IOS and Android Native Apps, web forms and any other technologies that may be required.

§ Create, maintain and administer web team project repositories.

§ Create project repositories, setup SDLC, i.e.: Agile or Scrum style tasks, setup and establish Kanban boards, Sprint configuration, Task user story form layouts, notifications, build templates,

§ Establish a secure environment that includes code repositories, build, test and deployment agents.

§ Create the ability to deploy product releases to multiple environments, ie Development, Testing, Staging and Production.

§ Create and code promotion policies, establish deployment approvers, Is this the Change Management team

§ Create an audit trail for each of these deployments, and policies and rules that safeguard these environments from harm, intentional or unintentional.

§ Train developers and administrators on how to manage code repos, build processes and release management tasks.

§ Establish and train developers and vendors on how to create proper web.config transforms so that deployments will have the right build and deployment variables values.

Experience Required:

§ Minimum of 2+ years of working experience in web development.

§ A solid understanding of web application development processes, from the layout/user interface to relational database structures.

§ Strong organization skills to manage multiple timelines and complete tasks quickly within the constraints of clients’ timelines and budgets.

§ Strong analytical/problem solving skills and abilities.

§ Strong written and verbal communication skills.

§ Team oriented.

§ 100% customer service following organizations core values.

§ Flexibility and dedication.

§ Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Business or Healthcare, or equivalent level of knowledge

§ At least 2+ years of Infrastructure / DevOps experience; Candidate must have done at least 2-3 automation projects in past;

§ Strong experience in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Microsoft-based production systems

§ 2+ years of scripting with PowerShell

§ 2+ years of automatically provisioning, configuring and deploying environments experience

§ Experience in the following tools:

· Git (or another code repository e.g. VSTS, TFS, SVN, Bitbucket, etc

· CI/CD implementation with VSTS

· Public Clouds (MS Azure/AWS/Google Cloud Platform)

· Windows Server 2012/2016

· SQL Server 2012/2014/2016

· IIS 7.0-10

§ Customer-oriented, diligent, proactive, focused on achieving customer’s business objectives as top priority

§ Able to work successfully both individually and as a team member

§ Easy-going, friendly, communicative, positive in relations with colleagues, in every situation strives to see opportunities rather than problems