Job Description :
Any visa/tax term

Devops Engineer (Python, Linux, AWS)

*Palo Alto, CA*

* 6 months Contract*

*Key Responsibilities*

- Help us refine a robust life-cycle model for self-service, short-lived
cloud compute resources, including launch, pause/stop, backup, and
- Automate this life-cycle model through code using reliable services
that can track instances and act based on their current state.
- Refactor existing python/terraform codebase for launching instances,
moving us towards a (microservices model.
- Create a data pipeline for event logs to feed consistent and usable
internal database to debug, track, audit, and learn from platform use.
- Help create data pipeline and/or interface for providing compute user
feedback about instance status, usage, cost/budgeting, etc.
- Ensure security of data, instance access, and backup systems for our
services, in cooperation with the RSS team and Stanford s Office of
Information Security.
- Write and update both client-facing and internal technical

*Required Skills*

- Fluent with python, bash scripting, and git version control.
- Fluent with Unix systems (Ubuntu variants prefered), including system
administration, networking, and scripting.
- Fluent with AWS EC2 service (instances, networking, volumes, etc
- Able to use (or learn to use) Go for web services and AWS control.
- Must be able to clearly communicate and document your work (in code,
as well additional documentation)
- Must be diligent about testing software, able to automate testing and
communicate test outcomes, and do this for software that depends on network
- Must be able to work both independently and in a team environment.

*Desired Skills*

- Python: previous experience with boto3 and python package development
- Experienced with Go for web services and AWS
- Database experience; we are platform agnostic, but experience with
both document-style databases like Elasticsearch or MongoDB as well as
traditional relational/SQL databases is a plus
- Experience with the terraform infrastructure-as-code platform
- Experience working in an academic research environment
- Experience with clustered high-performance computing
- Front-end development experience with javascript/React
- Passion for developing robust microservices