Job Description :
Role Name: Engineer
Location: IRVING, TX
Exp: 8-10

Essential Skills:
Digital: DevOps, Application Server Deployment & Administration

Role Description:
SDLC approach that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers, IT and infrastructure professionals, and operational engineers
Discipline and culture that encompass a set of processes, teams, and tools
DevOps culture advocates:
Smaller components, fast and frequent delivery
Reduced deployment risks
First-class tools (open source if it makes sense)
Tight alignment among teams (Dev, QA, and Ops, Product)
Continuous integration

Essential Skills:
Experience building a modular, scalable code management/build/software configuration mgmt. /deployment infrastructure.
Experience deploying and maintaining a state of the art DevOps process
Experience with Python and shell scripting
Have worked with Git for at least 3 years.
Experience with automated test teams to identify logical extension points for automated testing, post-build smoke tests, etc.
Understanding and experience creating an appropriate strategy for managing and publishing build artifacts

Client : XXX