Job Description :
Devops Engineer , Denvor, CO

6 months

Higher Priority

           DevOps, using:

           Hashicorp tools (Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Vault)


           Docker / Swarm


           React Native/iOS


Lower priority


           NATS Microservices



           Intranet Portal Framework – this is mostly done, but included here for context.

           Intranet Applications

o          Admin Applications

?         Portal Admin – the usual stuff (users/permissions/etc)

?         Graph Admin – interacts with the Neo4J graph db to manage the “graph schema”.

o          User Applications

?         Graph Input/Search – graph visualization and user input application.

?         Asset Management – corporate & employee asset tracking

?         Investment Pipeline Management – deal flow tracking

?         Investment Dashboard – investment committee quick-access and snapshot

?         Finance Dashboard – finance committee quick-access and snapshot

           Customer Portal – SaaS provider account management portal with CC processing integration