Job Description :
Position : Devops Architect

Location : Seattle, WA / Sun Valley , ID

Job Description :

1. Infrastructure Architect
a. DevOps background.
b. Will help design the infrastructure underlying the CI/CD pipelines.
c. Design IOS, Windows applications build approach and integration with platform.
d. Support existing engineering team

2. Integration/API Architect
a. Design the approach for integrating the EDP platform with external systems (QCP, Rally, Jira, etc
b. Define the API data, content etc.
c. DevOps background

3. Enterprise Architect – Governance & Innovation
a. DevOps background
b. Define the overall governance model and process for CI/CD
c. Develop approach for continuously innovating the EDP platform
d. Define POCs to test ideas etc.

4. Security Architect
a. DevOps background
b. Assess current EDP security architecture
c. Collaborate with T Mobile Security team and ensure compliance with security standards
d. Develop designs to mitigate gaps
e. Work with development team to implement and test

Responsibilities :
Responsibilities include Key person who will be the lead to manage and also lead the resources to build out the team and support customers CI-CD transformation
Expertise in DevOps CICD practices and building a platform to enable this capability.
Partners closely with customer Architect and Principal Engineer
Experienced DevOps Architect with hands-on.
knowledge of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) process and principles (declarative and imperative) to provision and manage server instances.
Has experience providing production support for CI/CD , digital applications and services.