Job Description :
Devops Architect
6+ Months

F2F is req

Required Skills / Exp Years of Exp Last Used
3 years progressive hands-on designing, implementing and supporting DevOps process and tooling to support continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous testing (unit, integration, coded UI, security, etc), continuous monitoring, continuous feedback, automated infrastructure provisioning and configuration management (network, server, OS, application, service, etc
3 years progressive DevOps transformation coaching.
2 years hands-on public cloud infrastructure design, provisioning and monitoring.
TDD (test drive development) concepts.
Agile concepts and practices.
Lean concepts and practices.
Business process re-engineering.
DevOps certification(s
Agile certification.
Lean certification.
BS degree in computer science or similar area.

Job Duties:

Work with and advise the Dept. of Public Safety (ODPS) IT DevOps coach on cultural and technical challenges to:
Deliver proven training programs to explain and instill DevOps values including those as detailed by CALMS, Agile and Lean.
Seek and tactfully challenge team members who actively or passively stand against the core values of DevOps or DPS’ IT DevOps transformation mission.
Seek and address organizational and team-level challenges with management.
Drive automation in pursuit of predictability, supportability, security and time to innovate.
Drive and assist with discovering, comparing and building DevOps tooling for SDLC and infrastructure provisioning.
Conduct process re-engineering workshops and projects to identify areas of improvement pertaining to the SDLC by leveraging continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, TDD/unit testing, integration testing, UI testing, DB standards testing and security testing.