Job Description :
Job Summary:
The Senior Performance Engineer will develop code, test and debug new non-complex software solutions or enhancements to existing software in a maintenance capacity.

B.S. degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or equivalent.
5+ years of experience in developing Java applications
working knowledge of some programming language like C, C++, Java etc
Should be aware of how objects are created/how they are destroyed etc.
Familiarity with Memory allocation techniques/string Manipulation.
Unix scripting knowledge is essential
Understanding about presentation layers, business layers, database layers work and testing across layers.
Basic working knowledge of the Web server and tunings.
Familiarity with OSI layer. Physical, data link, network, session, transport, application and presentation layers.
Familiar with Unix/Linux Administration/ basic of application server and tuning aspect of the Application servers.
Good Operating System Fundamental Knowledge affecting application performance (in terms of size of the page file, size of RAM or number of processors, limitation of NIC card etcImportance of context switches, thread mechanism, process, memory allocation should be known.
To know the difference between Multi core/quad core etc systems and how does it affect the performance of the application. Good to have knowledge as how the kernel works etc.
Basic networking concepts like usage of Ping, trace route, routing table, DNS functions, subnet mask including LAN and WAN Networks.
Knowledge about how server farms works, what are the limitation of server farms, various methods of achieving load balancing across application like sticky session or via cookie.
Familiar with the concepts of Hardware/Network/Software Virtualization concepts, benefits and risks.
Basic concepts of cloud computing are essential.
Good written and verbal communication skills in English
Should be a team player with passion to learn.

Knowledge of Eclipse RCP, OSGi, SWT
Knowledge of Web technologies and tools (ex. Apache, Tomcat) 1
Knowledge of GUI technologies, HTML5, JavaScript
Knowledge of Unix/Linux operating systems
Experience with Agile - Scrum framework