Job Description :
Responsibilities and Requirement:

-Experience in computer vision, video and image analytics and perceptive systems.
-Understanding needs of the customers, overall video imaging and sensing system design, extraction of understanding from real-time video streams, performing designed experiments to optimize the systems, and delivery of robust prototypes leading to new product offerings
-Designs and prototypes novel video analysis applications that intelligently extract relevant information and understanding from video data streams
-Apply machine learning techniques and other novel approaches to use the information as part of real-world applications in areas such as transportation


Ph.D., MS, or BS in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics/statistics, imaging science, or other related areas

Desired Skills:

-The applicant should also have strong skills in software engineering with expertise in current programming (opencv, Caffe, Matlab, C++) and analytics languages to generate deliverable modules and prototype demonstrations of their work
-Preference will be given to individuals with demonstrated research, engineering, or entrepreneurial experience related to developing video/image analytics technology with a focus on information and content identification and extraction
-Experience and knowledge in services domains such as business process outsourcing systems and transportation systems
-Desired interdisciplinary skills include big data analytics, modeling and simulation, systems design and experience with real world examples
-Applicants must have a solid background in mathematics, statistics and machine learning, with an emphasis in imaging / sensing systems, and computer vision
-The candidate must be an out-of-the-box problem solver, capable of proposing novel solutions to problems, performing experiments to show feasibility of their solutions and working to refine the solutions into a real-world context
-Strong analytical, written, and verbal communication skills
-Minimum of 5 years experience required, Bachelors Degree Required, Masters preferred