Job Description :
Key Responsibilities
Installing, configuring and administrating DevSecOps technologies including SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA, Threat Modeling, and secrets management.
Developing in modern languages such as Python, Ruby, Go, and JavaScript
Developing with modern frameworks such as React, React Native, Node, Angular, Rails, Django, and more
Collecting metrics from DevSecOps tools and implementing appsec log ingestion at scale
Espousing secure coding practices to developers from all over the world
Required Knowledge and Skills:
5-7 yrs. of experience or equivalent skills in writing secure software with modern languages
3-4 yrs. of systems administrator experience or equivalent skills
2-3 yrs. of experience or equivalent skills with DevOps or CICD pipelines
Direct experience of open sources technologies like Github, HashiCorp, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, Jenkins
Knowledge of cloud-based platform development including AWS, Azure, GCP, and more
Qualifications and Education:
Security certifications preferred: CISSP, Security+, SANS
Bachelor’s Degree preferred