Job Description :
Hi Team,


Job Title: DevOps Solution Architect (Azure)
Location: Seattle,WA
Exp: 10+ years

Required Skills:

Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Azure Functions : Serverless compute with Functions, Real-time stream/file processing Testing Azure Functions
Service plans available with Azure Functions, including the Consumption hosting plan, and how to choose the right

Ability to use Azure Functions to integrate with various Azure and 3rd-party services such as Azure Cosmos DB,
Azure Event Hubs , Azure Event Grid, Azure Notification Hubs, Azure Service Bus (queues and topics)

Azure development and testing Through knowledge on HTTP Trigger, Timer Trigger , CosmosDB Trigger , Blob Trigger , Queue Trigger , Event Grid Trigger , Event Hub Trigger , Service Bus Queue Trigger.