Job Description :
DevOps Engineer
St. Louis Park, MO
6+ Months

Please send candidates who can provide Passport number and visa copy.

Basic Qualifications :



AWS WebServices

Linus RedHat

Job Description :

This person will be working mostly on the QPA platform, which ranges across several service groups.
QPA is the overarching platform fed by several other service areas:

Reporting Platform, Analytics Platform, Communications Platform.

This person will help get the infrastructure and CI/CD established for the Communications Platform.

The manager has been focsed on that for a while – have a lot of needs getting builds and deploys set-up and going.

Getting things for Lambda setup. ECS.

They have a lot of templates setup, and this person will work with developers to set these things up.

This group is 100% AWS but have a little in New Relic and this person might be working with the developers to help
establish this migration (mostly developer work), but get it setup and configured.

Create the development environment for Lambda function or service.

They will need to set up the environment and setup the deploys and hand off to developers.

Own the deployment process.

Technical details:

Requiring a Senior Level Resource

SME with cloud deployments, AWS is must have, AWS services, cloudformation, EC2, lamda services.

Format and setup all data related components in AWS environment

Working across several teams, and collaborate alongside Developers, Architects, and QA Analysts'

Understanding and maintain the performance, monitoring, and scale management in the cloud environment

Understanding of DevOps pratices, create automated CI/CD pipelines

Deployments with Jenkins, but may move to Gitlab.

Using Container technology with Docker, running in AWS.