Job Description :
Experience with Kubernetes

Experience with Amazon Web Services

Experience with Ansible

Mid level is 3 - 6 years experience.

It''s a 100% Linux environment,Responsibilities
? Supporting and improving daily processes such as testing, backup, and deployment, via
? Using languages such as Bash and Python to architect, implement and integrate build
software and productivity tools
? Proactively assisting other developers in diagnosing and solving issues with
development and build environments
? Establishing and improving infrastructure in support of production, test, and development
? Establishing and improving infrastructure for market data manipulation jobs
? Monitoring systems for issues in real-time, responding to them as they occur, and
working proactively to minimize future issues
? Handling support requests from clients in support of production systems, test systems
and market data queries
? Proactive with a high attention to detail and ability to multitask effectively
? Strong working knowledge of the Linux operating system, including basic system
administration, security, and a high degree of comfort working from the command line
? Experiencing with Amazon Web Services, including EC2, EBS, S3, IAM, VPC,
CloudWatch, API (awscli)
? Experience with Docker, Kubernetes or other container infrastructures
? Strong experience with version control software and principles
? Experience with development in ‘scripting’ languages: strong knowledge of Python, Go
or Bash.
? Experience with Open Source software including: Ansible, Git, Prometheus, Grafana,
OpenLDAP, DNS, Elastic Stack, NGINX/Apache, OpenSSL/SSH, Redmine,
PostgreSQL, Jupyter
? Financial Experience is a plus but not required