Job Description :
Position : Devops Engineer
Location : Huntersville,NC
Duration : 6 weeks

Primary Skills : Flex Deploy,Oracle Cloud , Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite

Description :
Build, Deploy, Test, and Release Management
Automate build, deploy, test and release process across environments
Centrally manage configurations which vary across environments
Run automated tests and quality activities
Create, debug, and version workflow processes using the graphical editor
Provision and manage Oracle Cloud resources for IaaS and PaaS
Controls, Security, Auditing, and Visibility
Assign appropriate responsibilities to Users and Groups with role-based security
Manage approval processes
Configure Notifications for build, deploy, and test status
Visibility and traceability across all activities. What, where, when, who.
Flexibility of Deployment and Release
Perform Build and Continuous Integration within FlexDeploy or leverage 3rd party tools such as Maven and Jenkins.
Supports cloud and on-premise deployments
Extend with tools across Unix and Windows platforms
Perform rollback quickly and easily
Plugins and Integrations
Applications: Oracle Cloud , Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite.