Job Description :
Primary Responsibilities
At NPD we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do with innovative new ways to interact with our customers and new technologies to create the best and most scalable code. We are seeking a highly talented, creative, and passionate senior full stack developers to build these systems. Front end developers need knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS to help us on this journey, React and Node experience a huge plus. The team will be working in startup mode on new user engagement, infrastructure to enable those new users, while working with existing ebay inventory. We operate in the cloud and keep our development environment focused on what is best for developers. Our new engineers are up and running on their first day with a code deployment to production in 3 hours. We are looking for people with interest in the Transaction and Post-Transaction space, but open to helping out in a variety of areas.

BS/BA or MS in computer science or related fields with at least 6 years of relevant industrial experience
At least 6 years of experience building high performance and large scale real-time systems
Expert programmer in JavaScript, CSS and HTML5
Strong knowledge of working in enterprise development environments with GitHub and kubernetes experience.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Knowledge in NodeJs, ReactJS, Java or Scala a strong plus
High-motivated, life long learner

Message Body
Some additional notes

Software engineering focused. HTML5 and Java Script saavy.

Frontend Development focused. 5-6 years of experience.

Backend Development skills are not the primary focus or necessary, but it would be beneficial.

Transaction and post transaction team, they focus on customer service and check out portions. However, they will work with other areas.

It''s a very productive environment, but they would like to see somebody with experience working in a corporate environment ability to check in and deal with systems.

They will make exceptions for experience for people with the right skills and drive.

Independent learner that can figure things out with minimal supervision.

Must be San Francisco Based.

Extension is possible
Converting is not the goal, but it is always a possibility.
Nobody has ever last the team. The team works well together and there is a lot of longevity.

There will be a tech screen during the interview process before being considered for on-site skills.

Prefer not to do code examples, they prefer to interact with them and give them scenarios to see their coding in a live format.